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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Poetic Justice: Yes/no….yeah…nahI’m really concerned about the way...

Poetic Justice: Yes/no….yeah…nahI’m really concerned about the way...: Yes/no….yeah…nah I’m really concerned about the way that Australia's ‘yes’ ‘no’ 'marriage equality' survey is setting us all ...


I’m really concerned about the way that Australia's ‘yes’ ‘no’ 'marriage equality' survey is setting us all up to unwittingly comprise our values.  Can we really promote the values of rights and equality when we engage in a polarising fight?

‘I’m not sure how I feel about it, but that person over there is waving a flag and is haranguing me to check the box that they insist upon. Bugger them, they can’t tell me what to do.’

Binary ways of thinking or behaving have a way of unsettling us, making us feel threatened. They corral us into formulating an ‘equal and opposite reaction’.
Yes or no really should not be the point.

I know for a fact that all humans have the same basic needs: to safety, lodgings, food, water, freedom, employment, religious expression, racial inclusion etc…I don’t think many people would disagree with this. I think most people would agree that when these needs are fulfilled society functions best.

We live in a civil society, which means the laws of this country apply to us all, to ensure we are safe-guarded in various spheres of life, and that society remains as stable as possible according the ‘agreed’/dominant values of the time. I’m really proud that Australian law protects the rights of people with disabilities, validates racial diversity, and recognises people’s rights to religious expression. The family law act governs the civil dissolution of marriage and division of property. Our laws protect our right to safety, and our right to make advanced directives about our children’s care in the event of illness or death, our property and our personal wellbeing. The intention of Australia legislation is to ensure that we are all taken care of, as best as an overarching set of regulations in a subjective decision making environment can do.

On the basis of current legislation, it’s apparent that Australian society values inclusion, safety and wellbeing for all. There is no grounds for debate within this value set. And from here it follows that we ought to all be treated as equal under the law.

I really don’t understand the inherent hypocrisy that certain groups of us, dwelling on Australian soil, either as citizens or otherwise, must adhere to all laws, but conversely the benefits of some of those laws are withheld from them. People on Manus Island (under our jurisdiction) must abide by Australian and international law, but are not protected by these laws when assaulted, or injured; do not have the right to medical treatment, to safe lodgings, employment, etc…. I do not understand why in Aboriginal communities policies are applied that limit freedom of choice and movement, that are not applied to non-Aboriginal people.

And why is it that children, who may have two Mums or two Dads, are excluded from the legislated safety net that is deemed essential for other children: these safeguards being the Family Law Act, and laws about inheritance and custody. Why must we discriminate in such a way that leaves some children and their parents incredibly vulnerable?

Wake up Australia. The polarising survey is a foil, set up to manipulate us into thinking that there’s a fight to be had, and that if I don’t fight for one or the other position, then something awful will happen to either me, my loved ones, or my society. The matter is not simply about the right to marry. It's about the legislated rights marriage then affords people.

Something awful is already happening. Heterosexual people are harping loudly in cafes about their steadfast opinions and their ‘right’ to chose yes or no. And when people in either camp overhear the other, the fight is on! And those who are at risk of being significantly affected by these choices (lovers, partners, parents, children), who overhear these conversations experience their identities and lives objectified, vilified, generalised, sanctified… othered, silenced.

I really like the idea of an Australian society that includes and equally respects us all as fellow human travellers, a society within which our basic needs and rights are safeguarded regardless of our difference. Can’t we just get on with what we purport to be our core Australian values, which we craftily promote to the rest of the world, but don't hold true…egalitarianism and diversity.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Life Takes Passengers

Crow, dead in the gutter.
No more roof or rafter,
before or after.
Death tailgates breath.
It’s a wide open road.

A blister erupts on the soul.
Heaven awaits rapture.
People, be on alert -
While there’s hope in darktown
The half cup empties the well.

Growling gut loosed dog craving
Godforsucculent decay.  
Lips thicken and slack.
Tongue warms, grows fat.
Sighing groin slips cold.

Behaviour of old, husbandry and hunting.
The breeze of change has two poles,
both erect and dangerous.
Life and love terms estranged.
There’s always another way.

Alone and unable to bare the light.
Eyes are blunt and throat is weak.
The pulse defies despite.
Where life dreams of rain
Compost stews seeds inside.

Channels and weave and tolls
Can’t be discrete. This life,
A collision is bound to happen.
Let’s hope it’s a harbinger
Of places impossibly imagined.

This life takes passengers.
Desire expects to arrive.
The lonely bus whose driver
Is tired, cuts a curb.

A traveller on wing expires.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear John, A Man of Letters

You know why a man
Might seduce a girl your daughter’s age.
You’ve told her to wear dresses,
Close her legs when she sits like that.
Help her mother.

Where’s the line?
You thought you were the line.

He took her to the dairy when she was 15.
A kiss is something a girl knows, 
But why did he run pressing his long pants so?
She is learning her role.
To be hurt, wait and never show.

He took her to the beach
Perfect Love, their own Blue Lagoon.
He touched and taught her –
And she will always feel
The shape of what remains.

Teacher at a Catholic school,
He ran the gauntlet, slipped the noose, but kept the habit.
From OS he sent ‘love you’, ‘love you not’ letters, 
He plucked her petals – 
And returned to a stem.

Once back his hand goes
To her closest place and she clamps closed.
The shield is shame and hate.
I would rather burn, says she.
I’m too brittle and you’re too late.

So much writing! She has kept evidence
 - of  words, feelings, touch.
And depression, scaffolding for all that.
It’s kept the girl alive, in a way.
In dreams she cuts herself.

And Man where are you now?
Free coward, trader of daughters.

Why are you sleeping so sound? 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dream prose, Greece.

I stole a thing from the bow of an old man's boat near the Tropic of Cancer - a souvenir of his priceless cataract view, a kaleidoscope twist on the never-ending story of yoyo yearning, advertorial malleable malaise, bottle stopper love charades, youth lost on pageants of unfixable unbuyable beauty, seas cruised in aid of nothing, irretractable phallic lust machines, the endless dreamless night.

I wanted an old man's shuttered eyelid drawbridge view of my soon spoiled birth and soiled palette of over baked golden skin hues.

I saw his untended nets. I saw his life as one long last day that began virgin tight and unsinkable. I saw the dead muse.

I stole from an old man a carapace as disgraced as a volcano, as telling as an unearned coin and as putrid as forever; but it was just a silent cold thing.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Dear love lullaby 
thoughts of you rock me to sleep 
cloud hugs moon touch us

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The big bang made man
In seven days man made god
God then made poems