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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Noighty Noight

I've had a chest lurgy for 3 weeks and needed to scarper off from work early today. Which means I have more time to make up tomorrow. So, it's well and truly beddy time. But before I go, here's a wee bedtime story......
Once upon a time, my sister Claire and I shared bedroom for 17 years, until she left home. Being of a large tribe, every night of those years, we were shooed off to bed at 'ridiculous o'clock', which, for farmers was 'perfect sense o'clock'. During daylight savings, Claire and I wiled away at least a couple of hours before we needed to sleep. There were games with sheets and pillows. There were charades and finger puppets. And there were listening, guessing games as the cicadas chirped and birds got tired of keeping us awake. Finally, we had a ritualistic sleep blessing that we bestowed on each other. Two tiny prattling girly voices said something like this, almost in unison.
"Good night sweet dreams god bless don't let the bedbugs bite hope you wake up fit and well in the morning don't forget to say your prayers be good tomorrow sweet dreams". And of course before we went to sleep, I piped up every ten seconds or so, just to annoy my big sister.
Sweet dreams dear loves. xxxxx

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